INACH's first Member Webinar - by GPAHE

INACH's first Member Webinar - by GPAHE

On the 23rd of March from 3pm to 4pm CET INACH hosted its very first Member Webinar – “The Current Online Harms Landscape and How to Mitigate them: the work of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE)”. The idea behind those bi-yearly webinars is that we wanted to shine a brighter light on the work our members do and give them the stage. Our first webinar was be led by our member GPAHE

GPAHE’s mission is to strengthen and educate a diverse global community committed to exposing and countering racism, bigotry, and hate; and to promote the human rights values that support flourishing, inclusive societies, and democracies.

This webinar provided GPAHE’s analysis of the current online hate and disinformation landscape, emphasizing those issues that pose the greatest threat to democracies and human rights. It explored the most dangerous ideas spreading online, such as the Great Replacement conspiracy theory. It examined how inadequate tech company policies and community standards for political figures and influencers are as well as the gross failures of tech companies to moderate content in languages in other than English are failing users. The webinar also explored solutions to these problems and provide an in depth look into how GPAHE tackles them through research, coalition work and tech company lobbying.

‎Read the report of the webinar ‎here

Here is the recording of the event in case you missed it!