Become a member

Who can become a member

National and local organisations who are active in the fight against cyber hate and the implementation of human rights on the Internet.

Here is the Internet Common Values Charter launched by INACH members on the occasion of the anniversary
conference 2012 in Berlin. We expect aspiring members to agree to those principles.

If you do not fit this requirement (If you are a Network yourself for instance) please feel free to contact us anyways to see if we could cooperate and partner up in other ways, at 

Why become a member

  • We facilitate consortiums and the formation of new projects (such as many recent successful ones like Project sCAN, Project ReAct, Project OpCode, Facing Facts etc.), and our members are first in line for becoming partners in INACH projects.
  • Members can get support when needed, e.g. on technical aspects of (transnational) cases, or
    by using the name of INACH when applying for funds.
  • Members get access to the INACH mailing lists and the member section of the website, and our social media feeds.
  • We become an amplifier to each other’s voices on social media and online. For instance we share each other’s work, reports, events on our social media pages and websites.
  • We organize the Monitoring Exercise for the European Commission. Many of our members are participating and if they are in the EU they can be compensated for the work.
  • We are a bridge between NGOs and social media companies. With our advocacy efforts and our long relationship with the companies, we can use our connections to fix the issue from within.
  • We organize many events, to which members are always involved and invited to, namely our Annual Conference and our Members Assembly. There are also many webinars and such to enhance cooperation within the Network, and amplify the awareness raising about our important work. Members can represent INACH at international conferences (starting after one year of membership).
  • We are a treasure trove of information and data collection as our members can use our mailing list to update each other on news and information about situations and developments in other countries and regarding different specific areas within hate speech in which they are experts.
  • We created the first international complaints database in the world. Anyone can file a complaint on our website, and members have access to this database and can use it themselves to collect complaints from their own country/language, that can be used to generate statistical overviews.
  • We created our own counter speech online training. This is shared with members and can be used to train people about the basics of media literacy and online hate (in English).
  • We do much research and analysis and produce many reports, with the help of our members, and use the expertise of each other to have a fuller and more accurate picture of the issue at hand. Members can have their reports published on the INACH website.
  • Members can use our extensive list of contacts and exchange information with international experts, industry and politicians.
  • Members are able to work on further developing our network by scouting new members and by organizing meetings on behalf of INACH with the prior approval of the board.

Member obligations

Each member will:

  • Contribute to the work of the network (creating reports, delivering data when
    available, participate in network activities).
  • Pay the annual membership fee of 0.40% of the annual budget of your organization. The minimum fee is € 200 and the maximum is € 5.500. Membership
    fees must be paid within 30 days after receiving an invoice.
  • Deliver (annual) reports including data and a narrative about current developments of
    cyber hate under the perspective of its home country before the end of March of the
    following year. The info from this report will be entered in the INACH Central
    complaints and Research database.
  • Publish the INACH logo and a link to the INACH website on its website.
  • Deliver a one-page narrative for the INACH annual report.
  • Inform all INACH members about new developments concerning its work and
    successes by using the members mailing list.

End of both types of membership

  • The member is no longer willing to be a member of the network. Such a decision needs to be sent to the secretariat by e-mail.
  •  A member is expelled from the network by decision of the board. This only happens when members do not meet their obligations or when the member acts counter to the mission and vision of the INACH Network or internationally accepted Human Rights standards and/or anti-discrimination legislation. There is no reimbursement of already paid membership fees. 

Ready to be part of INACH?

Please fill in this questionnaire. We will then get back to you shortly to potentially plan a meeting with your representative, our management team and one of our board members, to meet you and see if this would be a good fit for your organization and for INACH.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at!