In their own words:

Israel – FOA states its mission to reduce the amount of Antisemitic content on the internet and on social networks. Our monitoring activities include more than ten different languages in five different social networks. FOA trains and operates youth, students and elders in two key areas:

  • Monitoring content on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others): FOA’s Monitoring is one of the most comprehensive in the world in terms of the variety of languages ​​and the variety of social networks. Monitoring is based on IRHA Working Definition of Antisemitism and in accordance with social networks policy definitions.
  • Providing information on Yahoo Answers and Quora: These sites gather questions asked by users from all over the world on a variety of topics. We provide them factual and reliable answers in topics related to Judaism, Jewish culture, history, heritage and more.

We strive to educate for positive activity on social networks while providing knowledge to younger and older generations in the field of hate speech. We believe that Antisemitism and xenophobia can both be eradicated with providing the necessary information and knowledge. We believe that the greater the number of volunteers motoring Antisemitism, the less Antisemitic content will be published, and the number of violent incidents against Jewish will be reduced.

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