INACH is proud to introduce another new member, NetzCourage

INACH is proud to introduce another new member, NetzCourage

INACH is very proud to introduce to everyone its new member, second new one in a few weeks, and first member in Switzerland. 

In their own words, “#NetzCourage is a non-profit organization that takes a dedicated and active stand against hate speech, discrimination, and racism on the Internet. We see ourselves as an instrument of education and fight for decency and humane mutual interaction between users of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. #NetzCourage is used by a wide variety of people: well-known young politicians, authors, activists, migrants, but also completely unknown people. The association offers immediate help for those affected by defamation, threats and calls for violence, discrimination, cyber bullying and stalking as well as racism and sexism. Political and social origins or the gender of those affected by Internet hatred are irrelevant. The establishment and work of #NetzCourage was and remains personally motivated. However, we see our commitment as a response to the demands of well- known actors who also consider social engagement to be urgently necessary when dealing with hate and violence online.”

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