Welcome Dokustelle

Welcome Dokustelle

A new record for INACH, a third member in one month! We can’t wait to introduce you all to our newest member, Dokustelle 😎

“Dokumentations- und Beratungsstelle Islamfeindlichkeit und antimuslimischer Rassismus (short Dokustelle) is an independent, non-governmental and confidential reporting and support service for people experiencing and witnessing anti-Muslim racism and Islamophobia. Dokustelle was initiated in 2014 by volunteers to render visible the manifestations of anti-Muslim racism in Austria and provide safe space for victims, particularly women. Dokustelle was the first organization to collect data specifically on anti-Muslim racism in Austria and is registered as an association since 2017. The board currently supervises around 15 active members of the association and supporters who meet once a year during a general assembly. Today the main activities comprise: Documentation, Support Service, Monitoring, Empowerment, Advocacy and Cooperation.”

Check out their website here.

Check out their social media pages here: Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook.

Welcome to INACH!