#StopFisha, welcome to INACH

#StopFisha, welcome to INACH

INACH is very happy to introduce to everyone its newest member, #StopFisha 🥳

In their own words: “#StopFisha is a French feminist NGO which aim is to fight against cybersexism and sexist & sexual cyberviolence. Created in April 2020 during the quarantine, the hashtag #StopFisha was created as a counter-movement to the explosion of the dissemination and the exploitation of intimate content without consent – “fisha” meaning “to display” and humiliate, is the name given to the practice of disseminating intimate content. The #StopFisha was therefore created as a support for the victims and as an alert to denounce cybersexism. As the movement continued on growing, #StopFisha became a NGO which now not only fights against the dissemination and exploitation of intimate content, but also against all forms of sexist and sexual cyberviolence. Based in Paris, we have branches throughout France, as well as in Belgium and Turkey. Our missions revolve around 4 axes: the monitoring and reporting of online gender-based violence ; legal and psychological support for victims ; raising awareness ; and finally, advocacy. However, the NGO also does some research, tries to innovate on tools and solutions against online gender-based violence, and keeps track on trends on social media. Our expertise in the field has led us to write a book “Association Stop Fisha: Fighting Cybersexism” – the first book in France on the topic.”

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A website is coming soon…

Welcome to the Network!