Sad news...

Sad news...

We are extremely saddened by the passing of Ronald Eissens, our co-founder and Director, and a true pillar of INACH.

He was a pioneer in the fight against online hate speech, a dedicated activist, a role model to many, and above all, a wonderful person and a true friend. He will be remembered as a brave and honest man, who fought till the end.

His legacy will live on through INACH, which he built from nothing into a global network together with his partner, Suzette Bronkhorst and The INACH team will do everything it can to get through this devastating loss and continue the work that he started almost twenty years ago. We will preserve his legacy and try to make the world a bit better than we found it.

We are so proud of what he has accomplished, he will always be in our hearts. Dear Ronald, you will be sorely missed.

The board and the whole INACH Team