Leave Your Mark's "Countering fake-news and hate speech online"Online free training courses

Leave Your Mark's "Countering fake-news and hate speech online"Online free training courses
“Countering fake-news and hate speech online”
Online free training courses

In recent years, hate speech and fake news on social media platforms and in the cyber-sphere in general have become major issues, affecting both the platforms themselves and the communities in which they are used. Hate speech and fake news are serious problems that go beyond the virtual boundaries of digital media, exacerbating polarisation and posing a threat to social harmony and democracy. Indeed, misinformation, fake news and hate speech have the potential to polarise public opinion, fuel violent extremism and racism, and ultimately undermine democracies and reduce trust in democratic processes.
We want to counter this by offering you the opportunity to attend our training courses free of charge, as part of the ‘Leave your mark’ project funded by the European Union’s CERV programme.
We believe that it is essential to provide citizens, journalists, NGO representatives and stakeholders in local communities with a solid education in media and information literacy in order to equip them with the necessary skills to critically understand and evaluate information reported by all forms of media.
That’s why, with the help of a group of experts from different countries, we have developed the following training courses, which are available online:
  • Truth and trust for democracy. Tackling fake news and misinformation
  • Tackling Hate Speech and Divisive Debates. Fostering dialogue for democracy
The courses are aimed at journalists, civil society representatives and media workers, or anyone interested in learning how to produce quality information, consume media responsibly, distinguish between reliable news and disinformation, understand what fake news and hate speech are and why, and how to counter them.
The courses are available on demand with a self-paced system and will be online until the end of April 2024. You can access it now and complete it at your own pace.
You can get free access by registering at www.elearning-informagiovani.net
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