INACH has a new member, welcome AfroLeadership

INACH has a new member, welcome AfroLeadership

We are so proud to announce that our Network has grown with one more member, AfroLeadership!

This is our first member in Cameroon, and with them joining us we have reached the bar of 30 members  🥳 

In their own words, “founded and registered in 2010 in Cameroon, AfroLeadership is a panafrican NGO that promotes Human Rights online, Internet rights, Digital rights, Data rights, Data ethics, etc. Through The Civic Charter, the global framework for civic participation and with the exponential development of modern very intrusive digital technologies, we strongly advocate for the preservation and full enjoyment of many core human rights (freedom of information, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, etc.) on telecommunications networks, Internet platforms, online social medias and gaming platforms. We have been working these past years to advocate with parliamentarians and decision makers for the development and implementation of legal instruments and tools to combat cyber hate, hate speech, misinformation and disinformation. Finally, it is also our great imperative to use civic technologies to protect children, youth, women groups and marginalized communities from online hate speech, cyber hate and cyber bullying, in all the countries where AfroLeadership is represented in Africa.”

To check out their website click here

Welcome to INACH!