Continuous Monitoring: Update on the Statistics

By the end of May, the SafeNet consortium reported 13,737 cases of illegal and harmful online hate speech. The statistics show that the platforms with the highest number of reports are Facebook with 5,011 reports and X with almost 5,000 reports.  

The consortium monitors several types of online hate. According to our data, most reported cases of hate speech are motivated by hatred related ton sexual orientation (20.84%), anti-black racism (13,83%), antigypsyism (10.75%) and antisemitism (9.1%). Hate speech based on these grounds represents 54.5% of all reports. The other 45.5% of cases are motivated by anti-refugee hate, xenophobia, anti-Arab hate, holocaust denial, the glorification of national socialism, anti-Muslim racism, gender-based hatred, and others.

However, the statistics reveal deficiencies by the platforms that need to be improved. First, there are many cases of reports without any response. Second, the rate of removal is low across all platforms. These results show that advocacy efforts must continue for a safer internet.

A 24-month project SafeNet: Monitoring and Reporting for Safer Online Environments joins 21 partners and is coordinated by INACH.

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