News Headlines

  • Netherlands: Eight fined for discriminatory comments on the Support the PVV Facebookpage
  • Tool or Weapon? Addressing Cyberhate in the Classroom
  • Fighting Cyberhate (portrait of Jonathan Vick -ADL- )
  • Facebook and online abuse
  • Fighting ISIS Online
  • USA: Increased internet access led to a rise in racial hate crimes in the early 2000s
  • Twitter Reportedly Considering Axing Its 140-Character Limit
  • While EU governments demur, refugees find a welcome on the Web


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    The INACH secretariat, hosted by Magenta Foundation, likes to thank l'Association Verbe et Lumiere-Vigilance for supporting our work.

    The object of INACH, the International Network Against Cyberhate is to combat discrimination on the Internet. INACH is a foundation under Dutch Law and is seated in Amsterdam. INACH was founded on October 4, 2002 by and Magenta Foundation, Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet.

    INACH site and secretariat are run by:

    Magenta Foundation