Manifestations of Online Hate Speech

Manifestations of Online Hate Speech - Reports on antisemitic, antiziganistic, homophobic and anti-Muslim Hate Speech. ...

INACH Annual Report 2016-2017

INACH Annual Report 2016-2017

Network of Hatred

How right-wing extremists use social media to court young people

On censorship and cyberhate

Ronald Eissens explains the old controversy. First published in German in the ZARA ZARA Rassismus Report 2016.

Deletion of hate speech on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Deletion of hate speech on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter - Outcome of monitoring reporting mechanisms of services...

Project 'Research – Report – Remove: Countering Cyber Hate Phenomena'

Project description and output

INACH Quarterly Reports on Cyber Hate 2016

Antisemitism on the Web: Current Situation and Remedies

by Philippe A. Schmidt, Chair of INACH.

ISLAMISM ON THE INTERNET Propaganda - Infringements - Counter Strategies

Islamism on the internet is a big issue from the point of view of the protection for children and young people...

Criminal Law on Hate Crime, Incitement to Hatred and Hate Speech in OSCE Participating States

This book provides an overview of the legal regulation of illegal activities commonly referred to as hate crimes...



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