ISLAMISM ON THE INTERNET Propaganda - Infringements - Counter Strategies

Islamism on the internet is a big issue from the point of view ofthe protection for children and young people. Especially contentwithin the context of Salafism is designed to attract and addressyoung people. It can easily be found through services like YouTubeand Facebook. Even users who are not involved in an extremistenvironment are confronted with it.A great amount of this content has in common that it transportselements of a totalitarian ideology, negates freedom rights, denigratesdemocracy or promotes the caliphate as an anti-democratic countermodel. It denies the values and ways of living of modern, pluralistsocieties. Instead, a theocratic regime should be established wherethe religious law of Sharia dominates all areas of life.The underlying ideology of inequality separates humans in believersand nonbelievers and legitimizes hatred against those people whodo not fit the worldview, e.g. liberal Muslims, Jews or homosexuals.Some Islamist groups even advocate violence for achieving theirgoals.This brochure summarizes findings by fromresearch into Islamism on the internet and describes thephenomenon from the youth protection point of view. It focussesin particular on the Islamist strategies for attracting young users totheir propaganda. It also shows possible counter-measures.


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