The International Network Against Cyber Hate unites organizations around the world. Incorporating different cultural backgrounds and speaking many languages, INACH has a diverse perspective, allowing the network to counter and address all forms of online discrimination. INACH adds value to the Internet and brings the online in line with Human Rights.



Achieve the implementation of Human Rights on the Internet, within a decade.



Unite and empower international, national and local organizationsas well as individuals who are active in the implementation of human rights on the internet. To promote online respect, responsibility and citizenship through countering cyber hate, extremism and violence incitementand by raising awareness about online discrimination. To actively reinforce humanrightsand mutual respect for the rights and reputations of all internet users, securing a safe internet.

INACH tries to reach its goals by:

  • uniting organisations which counter cyber hate
  • exchanging information to enhance effectivity of such organisations
  • lobbying for international legislation to combat discrimination on Internet
  • support groups and institutions who want to set up a complaints bureau
  • create awareness and promote attitude change about discrimination on the internet by giving information, education



INACH and its members produce many publications, and once a new one becomes available on this website a notification will be made on our social media accounts, so stay tuned. Please click here to see all of our publications. 



The annual conference is organized each time by a different member organization. The purpose of the annual conference is to bring together the member organizations and interested parties.


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