1. It is your right not to be discriminated against online and you should not feel powerless as you are not. Regardless of where you come from you can file a complaint and fight for your right!

2. By notifying us of instances of online hate speech we can work towards the deletion of the content, as together our unified voice is stronger, giving us a better chance at the material being deleted.

3. We use the data of all the complaints we receive to write reports and analysis, which helps us touch the minds and actions of society by creating awareness and promoting attitude change for the public, social media companies and international institution, in turn aiding our goal of lobbying for international legislation. 



Please click here to access it and follow the instructions on the form in order to file your complaint.

Your complaint will be dealt with in strict confidentiality. Your name and e-mail address will not be passed on.

Because of the high volume of complaints we receive it is not always possible to keep you informed on the dispatch of your complaint. We ask for your understanding.




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