The International Network Against CyberHate


Since summer 2016, INACH knows several types of membership.

1. Representative member

  • obligations: pay a membership fee, play an active role in INACH’s work, commit to producing data for the annual report, take part in meetings and working groups, represent INACH atconferences et cetera.
  • additional tasks: scout and recruit new members and start-ups, organize an annual meeting periodically.
  • benefit: can act/speak on behalf of INACH, is involved in strategic discussions and further development of the network, reimbursement of travel costs if needed.
  • membership fee is 0,3% of annual budget, minimum 75 €, maximum 3.500 €

2. Associate member

  • obligation: pays membership fee
  • benefit: gets internal information as full member of the network, invitations to conferences and reimbursement of costs if needed; no need to "invest" more effort.
  • membership fee is 0,3% of annual budget, minimum 75 €, maximum 3.500 €

3. Other kinds of membership:

  • donors, subscribers to newsletter.

Becoming a member - conditions

  • organisations countering cyber hate actively in some way (e.g. complaints handling, counter speech, online counselling, media education).
  • more than one organisation from one country is possible if there is no competition.
  • whether an organisation can become representative or associate depends on their degree of contribution and commitment.
  • new members need to be 'on trial' for at least one year before becoming a representative.

Becoming a member - procedure

  • Potential candidates have to approach the secretariat and/or the INACH board via
  • If the candidate is accepted, its membership-request will be announced to the representatives to see if there are any objections (e.g. competition). If there are none, the organisation can become a member. If there are objections, the INACH board will consult with objector and candidate. After this, a final decision will be made by the board. Membership starts after the membership agreement is signed and a first payment has been received.




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