EIF Debate - 6th March

Ronald Eissens, Board member of INACH, on Fake News and Hate Speech

Hate speech and fake news are the most visible elements of the online information disorder. Misleading stories have always existed and have impacted public opinion, generated emotional reactions and played a role in shaping the public sphere, as have incitement to violence or hatred. However, there is growing awareness that the unprecedented reach of digital platforms has amplified their detrimental effect.

At national and EU level regulatory, civil society and media initiatives exist or are being developed to tackle hate speech and fake news. Do these initiatives work and how can freedom of expression be safeguarded? Do we need a transatlantic initiative and is it enough to only address two elements of the information disorder? These questions will be addressed by our speakers.

#EIFAsks if self-regulation will be sufficient to tackle Fake News:

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