The International Network Against CyberHate


INACH is a foundation under Dutch law, with a board as governing unit. INACH has its office/secretariat in Amsterdam.


  • Philippe Schmidt, Chairman
  • Suzette Bronkhorst, first secretary
  • Stefan Glaser, second secretary. Alternate: Steffen Eisentraut
  • Thomas von Nahmen, treasurer
  • Jonathan Vick, member. Alternate: Brittan Heller
  • Ronald Eissens, member

Other officers

  • Suzette Bronkhorst, Secretary-General of the Network

Network members

Organizations handling complaints concerning discrimination on Internet who are able to work independently from the network (self-supporting)

Annual conference

The annual conference is organized each time by a different member organization. The purpose of the annual conference is to bring together the member organizations and interested parties.


Contact INACH

Our secretariat can be reached through:



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